Avid S6L 32D

Experience the pinnacle of live sound mixing with this Avid S6L bundle. This package includes the Avid S6L-32D, a state-of-the-art digital mixing console known for its exceptional sound quality and flexibility. With 32 faders, 96 DSP channels, and a 15-inch touchscreen display, it provides unparalleled control and visibility over every aspect of your mix. Also included is the Avid STAGE 64 stage rack, offering impressive I/O capacity and high-quality audio conversion. With 64 inputs and 32 outputs, it can handle even the most demanding live sound situations.  We include a 250 foot cat run with the bundle.    This bundle is ideal for touring sound engineers, live event producers, and anyone who needs professional-grade audio capabilities. With its advanced features and robust construction, the Avid S6L bundle delivers performance you can rely on, show after show. Rent it now and transform your live sound production into an unforgettable auditory experience.