Avid S6L 32d duel package

Experience the zenith of live sound mixing with our Avid S6L Dual Package bundle. This top-tier package includes not one, but two Avid S6L-32D consoles, renowned for their superior sound quality, unparalleled processing capabilities, and intuitive, touchscreen interface. Each console is equipped with 32 faders and dual 15” high-resolution touchscreens to provide you with the ultimate control over your live mix. But that's not all! This bundle also includes two Avid Stage 64 Stage Racks, providing an impressive 64 channels of I/O, ensuring you have all the connections you need for your event. We include a 4 channel cat 5e snake 250 feet long with this bundle.  These racks are designed to deliver pristine sound quality and reliable performance, even in the most demanding live sound environments. Whether you're hosting a grand concert, a theatrical performance, or a corporate event, this Avid S6L Dual Package bundle is the key to delivering an unforgettable sonic experience. Rent today and take your live sound to new heights!