Martin Mac Viper Profile

Introducing the Martin Mac Viper Profile, a high-performance luminaire that's redefining the standard for moving head fixtures. This cutting-edge lighting equipment is designed to deliver superior light quality and precise pattern control, making it an ideal choice for live events, concerts, theatres, and more. With its 1000-watt HID source, it provides an exceptionally bright output, ensuring your event is lit with the utmost clarity. The Martin Mac Viper Profile also boasts a wide zoom range, enabling seamless transitions between sharp and soft focus. Its rotating gobos and static gobos offer a stunning array of visual effects, while the five-facet prism creates mesmerizing multi-beam effects. The fixture's CMY color mixing system gives you full control over color saturation and hue, allowing for limitless creativity in your lighting design. Compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient, the Martin Mac Viper Profile is built for easy transportation and setup, making it a perfect rental choice for event planners and production companies. Experience the ultimate in lighting versatility and performance with the Martin Mac Viper Profile. Rent it now and light up your events like never before!